Ya'll Means All

Ya'll Means All


As Pride month draws to a close, it is important to recognize that the fight for equality and inclusivity does not end with just a celebration. While the LGBTQ+ community has made tremendous progress, there is an urgent crisis unfolding in America, particularly in the southern states. Discriminatory anti-trans laws are targeting trans youth, with 75% of them residing in southern states impacted by these oppressive legislations. In response to this pressing issue, Z As In is taking a stand and directing the proceeds from its Pride collection towards the Campaign for Southern Equality, an organization dedicated to supporting those affected by these laws.


The Crisis at Hand:

The surge of discriminatory laws targeting the transgender community in the southern United States is a cause for alarm. These laws not only strip away essential rights but also perpetuate a hostile environment for trans youth. Many states have gone as far as banning gender-affirming healthcare, which includes therapy, a vital resource for these individuals. Furthermore, the recent "don't say gay" bill in Florida highlights the extent of the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. Pride without activism and addressing these critical issues would ring hollow.


Supporting the Campaign for Southern Equality:

At Z As In, we firmly believe that Pride should be a catalyst for meaningful change. That's why we have chosen to donate the proceeds from our Pride collection to the Campaign for Southern Equality. This organization has recently launched the Southern Trans Youth Emergency project, a vital initiative that provides support to individuals impacted by the discriminatory laws prevalent throughout the South. By supporting this project, we aim to assist trans youth in accessing essential resources and building resilient communities.


A Sale for a Cause:

To further encourage participation and support, we are excited to announce a special promotion. For every purchase from our Pride collection, you will receive an exclusive 45% discount on any other item in our store. By embracing this offer, not only will you be purchasing unique Pride-themed clothing upcycles, but you will also contribute directly to this cause.


Your Contribution Matters:

Even if you do not make a purchase from our Pride collection, there are still ways to make a difference. We encourage you to consider making a direct donation to the Campaign for Southern Equality. Every contribution, regardless of its size, goes a long way in supporting the invaluable work they do, and they are matching contributions up to $25k.



As Pride month draws to a close, let us remember that our commitment to equality and justice extends far beyond a single month of celebration. The plight faced by trans youth in the southern states requires our immediate attention and support. By donating the proceeds from our Pride collection to the Campaign for Southern Equality and offering a special sale, we hope to make a tangible impact on the lives of those affected. We invite you to join us in taking pride beyond the month and standing together for a more inclusive future. We will be running this sale until the collection pieces are sold out.

Donate here: https://southernequality.org/

Shop the collection: https://712ef2.myshopify.com/collections/pride

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